Since 2015, Hoopy has hosted a series of conferences aimed at sharing and levelling up knowledge of developer relations.

Covering DevRel, developer experience, community, and developer marketing, DevRelCon has welcomed people from every inhabited continent with events in London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing, and Suzhou. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, two online editions of DevRelCon have taken over while gathering in person was not possible.

Here you’ll find talks from previous DevRelCon conferences as well as details of any planned events in the series.

Upcoming events

DevRelCon New York 2024

DevRelCon New York 2024

18 July, 2024

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Industry City, New York

Past events

DevRelCon London 2023

DevRelCon London 2023

7 September, 2023

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CodeNode, London

DevRelCon Yokohama 2023

DevRelCon Yokohama 2023

10 March, 2023

DevRelCon Yokahama 2023 website


Osanbashi Hall

DevRelCon Prague 2022 logo thumbnail

DevRelCon Prague 2022

6 December, 2022

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Spojka Events, Prague

DevRelCon LATAM 2023 logo thumbnail

DevRelCon LATAM 2023

9 February, 2023

DevRelCon LATAM 2023



DevRelCon Deep Dives

DevRelCon Deep Dives

24 May, 2022


An online event for DevRel leaders featuring speakers with deep expertise in their field.

DevRelCon 2021

DevRelCon Tokyo 2021

DevRelCon 2021

8 November, 2021


The second fully online global DevRelCon took place in November 2021, bringing together speakers and attendees worldwide to discuss the DevRel career path and more.

DevRelCon Tokyo 2021

DevRelCon Tokyo 2021

DevRelCon Tokyo 2021

5 June, 2021


DevRelCon Tokyo returned for a virtual event with speakers and attendees from around the world. Videos available soon.

DevRelCon Earth 2020

DevRelCon Earth 2020

DevRelCon Earth 2020

30 June, 2020


The first global online DevRelCon took place in response to the COVID 19 pandemic, replacing DevRelCon editions for 2020 in London, Tokyo, and San Francisco.

DRC London 2019 - thumbnail

DevRelCon London 2019

10 December, 2019

QEII Centre, London

The fifth edition of DevRelCon London 2019 took place at the QEII Conference Centre on December 10th and 11th.

DRC SF 2019 - thumbnail

DevRelCon San Francisco 2019

6 June, 2019

Dogpatch Studios, San Francisco

The fourth edition of DevRelCon San Francisco took place in June 2019.

DRC Toyko 2019 - thumbnail

DevRelCon Tokyo 2019

9 March, 2019

Nihonbashi Tower, Tokyo

The third DevRelCon Tokyo returned to the Nihonbashi Tower on March 9th for an English language conference on developer relations and more.

DRC London 2018 - thumbnail

DevRelCon London 2018

7 November, 2018

QE II Centre, London

Introducing a dedicated unconference day to DevRelCon for the first time, the 2018 London edition saw the event move to Microsoft Reactor and the prestigious QEII Conference Centre.

DevRelCon Toyko 2018

DevRelCon Tokyo 2018

15 July, 2018

Nihombashi Tower

The second edition of DevRelCon Tokyo took place on July 15th 2018.

DevXCon - thumbnail

DevXcon San Francisco 2018

4 June, 2018

Dogpatch Studios, San Francisco

Continuing the focus on developer experience, the third San Francisco event moved to the Dogpatch area of the city and welcomed attendees from all corners of the globe.

DevRelCon China 2018

DevRelCon China 2018

21 April, 2018

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, China

The second DevRelCon in China saw speakers and attendees from the Greater China region, the US, and Europe gather in Suzhou.

DevRelCon London 2017

DevRelCon London 2017

6 December, 2017

Barbican, London

Back at the Barbican, DevRelCon London 2017 saw tickets sell out quickly, reflecting the huge growth in developer relations.

DevRelCon Toyko 2017

DevRelCon Tokyo 2017

29 July, 2017

Nihombashi Tower, Tokyo

The first DevRelCon in Japan took place in Tokyo in the summer of 2017.

DXC SF 2017

DevXcon 2017

22 May, 2017

Galvanize SOMA, San Francisco

For 2017, DevRelCon San Francisco focused on developer experience and became DevXcon.

DRC Beijing 2017 - thumbnail

DevRelCon Bejing 2017

6 May, 2017

Universal Creative Park, 798 Arts District, Beijing

The first developer relations conference in China took place in Beijing in May 2017.

DRC London 2016 - thumbnail

DevRelCon London 2016

7 December, 2016

Barbican, London

The second edition of DevRelCon London took place at the Barbican in December 2016, with speakers from Microsoft, IBM, and Red Hat.

DRC SF 2016 - thumbnail

DevRelCon San Francisco 2016

16 April, 2016

Microsoft Reactor, San Francisco

The second DevRelCon took place in April 2016 at the Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco.

DRC London 2015 - thumbnail

DevRelCon London 2015

30 September, 2015

Shoreditch, London

The very first DevRelCon took place in Shoreditch, London in September 2015.