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Measurable developer relations with Data Protocol

October 11, 2023

AI generated image of developers learning together

Jake Ward, founder of Data Protocol, shares his vision for building effective, measurable developer learning experiences.

Engaging with early career developers

August 25, 2023
Two developers high fiving at an MLH event

Major League Hacking TechTogether at St. John’s University

Should you engage with early career developers? And if so, how? MLH’s Jon Gottfried shares his advie.

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The image is a conference speaker announcement banner. It features a black and white photo of a woman named Olia Dukova, who specializes in Dev Experience & Ecosystem Growth. She will talk about "Elevating Developer Experience in Web3: Best Practices and Emerging Trends" at DEVRELCON London, 2023. The design includes London-themed elements such as the Underground sign and a red double-decker bus. The event's website,, is listed, and there is a black cab illustration at the bottom. The banner also has a "Made by Hoopy" credit.

Elevating developer experience in web3


The image is a promotional banner for a speaker at a conference. It features a smiling man wearing sunglasses named Ben Gamble, who is listed as a DevRel Manager at Aiven. He will be presenting on "Building internal alignment" at DEVRELCON in London, 2023. The graphic includes iconic London imagery such as the Underground sign and a red double-decker bus. There is also a black taxi graphic at the bottom, and the event's website address,, is included. The banner indicates that it was made by Hoopy.

Building internal alignment


The image is a promotional banner for a conference presentation. It features a woman with long hair named Nadia Jiang, who is the COO and co-founder of SegmentFault. She is set to speak about "Working with developer communities in China" at an event called DEVRELCON in London, 2023. The background includes a London Underground sign, a double-decker bus, and the event's website address, The banner also indicates that the graphic was made by Hoopy. There's a playful addition of a black cab at the bottom left corner, further emphasizing the London theme.

Working with developers in China