DevRelCon Deep Dives

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DevRelCon Deep Dives line-up announced

May 13, 2022

DevRelCon Deep Dives

Check out who is speaking at DevRelCon Deep Dives.

DevRel Awards 2022 results

April 5, 2022

DevRel Awards 2022 lined up on a table

Find out who won in the DevRel Awards 2022, presented by Orbit.

DevRel Awards 2022 schedule

March 29, 2022

Jono Bacon at the DevRel Awards 2022

Find out when each award winner will be announced and also when you can catch Jono Bacon’s keynote.

DevRel Awards 2022 shortlist

March 17, 2022

DevRel Awards 2022 shortlist announced

Find our which teams and people are shortlisted in this year’s DevRel Awards!

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