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DevRelCon Prague 2022 retrospective

December 14, 2022

Roundtable discussion at DevRelCon Prague with Cat McGee, Kristof van Tomme, Carla Teixeira, Jonan Scheffler, Matthew Revell

A recap of what happened at the first in-person developer relations conference since the pandemic.

DevRelCon Prague 2022: a very biased review

December 14, 2022

Aiven team members at DevRelCon Prague

Floor Drees offers a review of DevRelCon Prague 2022!

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Measuring DevRel During a Downturn. Ben Greenberg's talk at DevRelCon Prague

Measuring DevRel During a Downturn

DevRelCon Prague 2022

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DevOps Days During the Pandemic

DevRelCon Prague 2022

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Visualizing DevRel scope and goals

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