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Engaging with early career developers

August 25, 2023
Two developers high fiving at an MLH event

Major League Hacking TechTogether at St. John’s University

Should you engage with early career developers? And if so, how? MLH’s Jon Gottfried shares his advie.

DevRel Awards 2023 shortlist

August 21, 2023


Check out the shortlists for this year’s DevRel Awards, presented by Data Protocol.

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Pedro Galván talks at DevRelCon LATAM 2023

Advantages and disadvantages of face-to-face, online and hybrid events (in Spanish)

DevRelCon LATAM 2023

Pedro Galván talks at DevRelCon LATAM 2023

Ventajas y inconvenientes de los actos presenciales, online y híbridos

DevRelCon LATAM 2023

10 Pasos para Llevar a tu Programa de Meet-Ups al Siguiente Nivel

DevRelCon LATAM 2023