Paul Wealls

Bridging DevRel with business decision makers

The story of how IoT North evolved from a small meet-up into a global tech community.

Philipp Krenn

Takeaways from 500 virtual events since the pandemic’s start

Elastic have taken part in hundreds of event during the pandemic. What have they learned?

Shivay Lamba

How developer advocacy helps startups

Shivay shares how developer relations can help tech startups with product feedback, community building, and awareness.

Felicity Brand

Felicity Brand

Channeling a community to write a book

Can an entire developer community write a book? Felicity Brand says yes and she has a story to tell of how she led a community doing just that.

Nitya Narasimhan

Nitya Narasimhan

SketchTheDocs: visual storytelling for tech

Learn how the SketchTheDocs initiative has emphasised visual storytelling for tech documentation.

Supercharge your career with a tour of duty in DevRel

How can working in developer relations help your future career?

Siddharth Dayalwal

DevRel, a key role at hackathons

What should you do at hackthons as a developer advocate representing your company?

Jeremy Morgan

The secrets of content creation for DevRels

Learn from Pluralsight what it takes to create content that engages developers.

Lauren Schaefer and Megan Grant

SEO for DevRels 101

No matter how much effort you put into your content, it’s a waste of time if no one reads it. Learn how MongoDB use SEO to reach a wider audience.

Alex Scammon and Caterina Rindi

A DevRel team that doesn’t sell anything

What role is their for a developer relations team as part of an open source programmes office?

CJ Avilla

Meet developers where they are with multiplexed video production

Code samples in your preferred language make content much more accessible. But how does that work for video? The Stripe team came up with a solution.

Kevin Lewis

What your event booth says about you

Running event booths is a big part of the non-pandemic workload of many DevRel teams. So, how do you make the best impression?

Lorna Mitchell

Starting up startup DevRel

Lessons learned from being developer relations person number one at a start-up.

Matt DeNapoli

First year managing a DevRel team

Hear what one manager learned in their first year of running a developer advocacy team.

Bear Douglas

Managing your first developer relations team

You’re managing a DevRel team for the first time. What do you need to know in order to be effective and serve your team well?