Ramón Huidobro

Coming to you live! Inclusive, effective, fun live streaming for DevRel

Ramón says anyone can be a great streamer. Here’s how he built streaming into his DevRel career.

Tim Messerschmidt

Value driven DevRel

Is DevRel only about hitting metrics or is there something deeper that we can achieve?

Jordana Fung

How to win in arguments

Learn tips on how to put your point across in arguments and maybe even win.

PJ Metz

From educator to evangelist: how poetry got me into tech

Teaching can be an ideal grounding for a career in developer relations. Hear how it worked out for PJ Metz.

Atsushi Nakatsugawa

Sustainable DevRel strategies

Make sure your DevRel strategy is hitting the goals your company cares and you’ll have a sustainable developer relations program.

Ricardo Ferreira

The subtle art of giving code walkthrough talks

Learn the right way to give compelling code walkthroughs and what you should avoid.

Derric Gilling

DevRel metrics with product goals

DevRel can have a transformational effect on your product. How do you set up metrics to ensure you’re going in the right direction?

Michael Heap

But why does the business care?

Aligning with the business’s needs is essential for the longevity of your DevRel program.

Karl Hughes

Technical content that resonates with developers

When seemingly everyone is writing content for developers, how do you come up with ideas that will resonate?

Jeff Bull

Effective leadership strategies for managing a team with diverse skill sets

Cisco’s Jeff Bull explores how to lead a team with different needs.

The GitLab DevRel career ladder

GitLab’s DevRel career ladder

Hear how GitLab have created a career ladder for their DevRel team.

Juha-Matti Santala

The most social and loneliest job: being a solo developer advocate

How can you overcome some of the loneliness of being the only developer advocate in your company?

Bradston Henry

How game development gave me a head start in my DevRel career

It turns out, being a games developer was the ideal preparation for Bradston Henry’s move into DevRel.

What VCs want from DevRel

What VCs and founders want from DevRel

How can you prove your DevRel team’s value to your investors?

Ankita Tripathi

Metrics to track community health

Practical advice on measuring community health from Ankita’s time at Google.