Can pedagogy research help DevRel professionals train and support other in programming?

Can pedagogy research help DevRel professionals train and support each other in programming?

There’s a wealth of academic research on how to teach people. What can we borrow in order to improve how we educate developers?

What investors want from your DevRel program

What investors want from your DevRel program

How can you make sure your DevRel program is aligned with your company’s investors and that you’re giving them the data they need?

The Orbit model is a way of measuring and understanding communities. And it also provides a framework for thinking about how to build your community. In this workshop from DevRelCon Deep Dives, Orbit's Bryan Robinson teaches the recently expanded Orbit model and provides practical guidance on how to apply it to your developer community.

Using the Orbit model to demonstrate community value

Learn how the Orbit model can improve how you measure your community.

James Parton

Company alignment: do or die

Long term DevRel success comes from ensuring your program aligns with your company’s strategy and needs.

Aja Hammerly

Hiring is not hazing

How can we improve the DevRel hiring process both for candidates and for companies?

Shedrack Akintayo

Understanding and approaching developer communities in smaller regions

Practical advice on how to approach developer community building in regions with fewer resources.


Componentize your documentation

Is there more to developer documentation than the way we’ve been doing it so far?

Zachary Powell

Using TikTok to reach a new developer audience

Here’s how to use TikTok to reach developer audiences.

Cory Althoff

How I created a Facebook programming group with 60,000+ members

Learn how Cory created and marketed a successful Facebook developer group and how you can apply that to your own DevRel work.

James Bohrman

How I turned my hyper fixation habit into my greatest asset in DevRel

Hear how James took habits that derived from Asperger’s and used them to be more effective in DevRel.

Alison Dowdney

Your personal brand in DevRel

Honing your personal brand can help both in your DevRel career and also in reaching developers.

Giovanni Laquidara

The job of Partner Engineering

What can developer relations professionals learn from partner engineering? Find out with Giovanni.

Tadeh Hakopian

Computational thinking for creatives

Computational thinking is a skill that’s just as important as actually writing lines of code.

Kaitlin Carter

Technical writing the HashiCorp way

Learn how the team at HashiCorp ensure their technical writing is clear and serves developers.

Suze Shardlow

Marketing is your job, too

Marketing gets a bad reputation in developer relations circles. Nonetheless, it’s a crucial part of the profession, argues Suze Shardlow.