"Promotional image for DEVRELCON London 2023. A close-up portrait of Sofia Emelianova, a Technical Writer at Google, on the left. To the right, large white text reads 'Beyond empathy: Write accessible docs'. Below, in red text: 'SOFIA EMELIANOVA, TECHNICAL WRITER | GOOGLE'. The backdrop includes abstract colored blocks, an illustration of the London Underground map, and a black taxi. The bottom right corner displays a red banner with white text saying 'MADE BY hoopy'."

Beyond empathy: write accessible documentation

Sofia Emelianova provides actionable advice on making documentation more inclusive and accessible.

"Portrait of Tara King with short brown hair, wearing golden-framed glasses and a patterned shirt. The text reads: 'Resilience: Building a burnout-resistant life in developer relations' presented by Tara King, Director of Developer Relations at PagerDuty. This is a promotional graphic for DEVRELCON London 2023. The background includes an illustrated London Underground map, a red double-decker bus, and the date '2023'. The bottom right corner has a red banner with the text 'Made by Hoopy'."

Burnout-resistant life in developer relations

Burnout is a recurring theme in developer relations practice. Tara King offers practical advice for building resilience in your DevRel life.

Tena Šojer Keser

We turned developers into journalists

When you’re creating developer targeted content, who better to help you make it than your company’s own developers?

Kai Katschthaler

Host your interviews like a Golden Globe winner

Kai shares their expertise on conducting wonderful interviews.

Sue Smith

An open framework for developer learning

Sue Smith, Learning Experience Lead at Fastly, provides practical insights into why developer education matters and how we as DevRel professionals can deliver more effective education outcomes.

The Art of Communication Design, Mel Seckington

The Art of Communication Design

In the fourth instalment in this series, Melinda Seckington shares a freamework for designing intentional communication.

Jon Gottfried

DevRel insights from 650k developers

Jon Gottfried, co-founder of Major League Hacking, shares insights from a decade of working with 650,000 developers.

Building resiliency into your DevRel program

Building resiliency into your DevRel program

Randall Degges and Matt Jarvis from Snyk share how they’ve built process to increase the resiliency into their DevRel team.

Kevin Lewis and John Booth

Learning from marketing to quantify developer relations impact

Kevin Lewis and John Booth look at how marketing metrics can help us in developer relations to demonstrate the value of what we do.

Myrsini Koukiasa

Doing more with less: learn to pivot when your budget disappears

In this talk from DevRelCon London 2023, Myrsini Koukiasa, Director of Developer Relations at Twilio, discusses how to make informed decisions and do more with less when faced with budget cuts.

The Power of DevRel, Wesley Faulkner

The Power of DevRel: A Community of Leaders and Learners

In his opening keynote at DevRelCon London 2023, Wesley shares a personal message of the importance of community, resilience, perseverance, integrity, accountability, and paying it forward in the DevRel industry.

Toying with people’s emotions: A cognitive theory of DevRel

In this DevRelCon Prague 2022 talk, founder Don Goodman-Wilson explores the cognitive underpinnings of building relationships with developers, and how to practise our craft effectively, in a way that respects the autonomy of the developers we work with.

Pedro Galván talks at DevRelCon LATAM 2023

Advantages and disadvantages of face-to-face, online and hybrid events (in Spanish)

Head of Content and Technology at Software Guru Pedro Galván gives his opinions on the pros and cons of various event formats, against the backdrop of a post-pandemic climate.

Pedro Galván talks at DevRelCon LATAM 2023

Ventajas y inconvenientes de los actos presenciales, online y híbridos

Director de Contenidos y Tecnología en Software Guru Pedro Galván da su opinión sobre las ventajas y desventajas de varios formatos de eventos, en el contexto de un clima post-pandémico.

10 Pasos para Llevar a tu Programa de Meet-Ups al Siguiente Nivel

María es Community Manager en Camunda. Es responsable del programa internacional de meet-ups. En esta charla informativa, ella cuenta la historia del programa de meet-ups de Camunda, los pasos que dio para llevarlo al siguiente nivel y cómo tú también puedes hacer lo mismo.