The First 90 Days with Tessa Mero

12 July, 2022

08:15 Pacific/16:15 UK

DevRel Book Club
DevRel Book Club
The First 90 Days with Tessa Mero

Tessa Mero joins Matthew and Ramón to share how the book The First 90 Days has influenced her career in DevRel.

During their discussion, they cover:

  • 02:55: How meeting with an executive coach has helped Tessa frame her DevRel career progression
  • 07:20: The idea of achieving break even in a new role
  • 10:10: How to handle getting promoted to a position where you manage people you’ve previously been working with
  • 16:11: Is it harder for DevRel people to reach break even due to needing to learn the vendor’s technology?
  • 27:49: Preparing yourself for a transition and making sure you don’t transfer wholesale the things that worked at your last job
  • 31:49: Non-obvious things learned from moving to new roles
  • 40:20: Understanding how more senior roles affect the weight people give to your requests.

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