Metrics Off! 2021

DevRel metrics can feel impossible to track! It can impact how your team and hard work is perceived within the company, and whether you can justify investment and headcount.

Sometimes metrics involve not knowing your exact leads. Use the form below to share your frustrations, challenges, and wishlists of metrics that you wish you could track today. Then join us at DevRelCon Nov 8-10, 2021 for the “Metrics Off!” sessions where vendors will try to meet your needs and we’ll discuss industry practices to try to connect with your community.

If we use the metric you've suggested, tell us your name so we can credit you.
If you'd like us to say where you work, tell us your company name
We might ask some people to join us on the live stream. If you're interested in potentially joining us to discuss your dream metric, give us your email address so we can contact you.