Myrsini Koukiasa is speaking at DevRelCon London 2023


The countdown is on to DevRelCon London 2023! Back in London for the first time since 2019, this year’s event is made up of two days of talks, discussion sessions, networking, and socialising. Among other topics, we’ll be covering developer education, DevRel in a downturn, community data and operations, core skills, DevRel for web3, and more. 

Join us to learn, share, and hang out with your fellow DevRel professionals from across the world. And to give you a taste of what’s on offer, here’s another of our quick fire speaker interviews.

About Myrsini

Speaker: Myrsini Koukiasa 

Company: Twilio

Position: Director of Developer Relations EMEA

Talk title: How to make less more: learn to pivot when your budget disappears

Myrsini is the Director of Developer Relations EMEA at Twilio. She supports a team of Developer Evangelists to inspire and equip developers to build the future of customer engagement. Her background is in program management, events and campaigns, including roles at Vonage, PayPal and Major League Hacking.


About Myrsini’s talk

Tell us about the talk that you are planning to give at DevRelCon London 2023 

So, my talk is about how to tackle an unexpected reduction in your resources. My goal is to equip people with a mechanism they can use so they can ensure they’re taking the right steps after a budget talk. 

Many DevRel budgets have been cut because of the recession. Perhaps you are only building your program out now and have to work with limited resources. I will explore how to make less more. I will be going through practical tips for creating meaningful DevRel programs and activities without a budget, or with a low direct budget.

Why should people attend your talk? What should they expect to take away from it?

In the current economic, macroeconomic climate, and general economic uncertainty we’re all experiencing, it is not unusual for businesses to try and cut down on costs in all areas. It’s a very real thing happening across the tech industry at the moment. Being proactive when faced with a budget challenge can help DevRel teams still deliver on their goals. Whether you work for a startup or multi-thousand people company, I will present some helpful solutions. That is why this talk should not be missed.

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s DevRelCon London event?

I’ve attended a few DevRelCons in the past, and every event for me has been such a welcoming space, and essentially a community of peers. It’s a great opportunity to network, share, and learn from other folks. Whether someone is starting their career in DevRel, or whether you’ve been in DevRel for a while, there will definitely be some content, a talk of interest, or a conversation that you can have with others to help you along your DevRel journey. 


Join us at DevRelCon London this September

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