Looking ahead to DevRelCon LATAM 2023!


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Today the first DevRelCon event of 2023 begins! DevRelCon LATAM is a two day online DevRel conference focusing on the needs of developer relations in Latin America.

How to take part

DevRelCon LATAM is free to attend and you can catch all the talks at live.developerrelations.com without any need to register.

However, if you do register for free then you’ll get updates when the talk videos are published.

Day 1 in Spanish

This is the first DevRelCon where the talks are in a language other than English! Everything, from start to finish, will be in Spanish on day 1!

The program begins at 11:00 Mexico City time, 12:00 Bototá time, 14:00 Saõ Paulo time. We’ll hear from speakers including:

Check the full schedule for more detail.

Day 2 in Portuguese

For the second day, the full program will be in Portuguese and begins at 11:00 Mexico City time, 12:00 Bototá time, 14:00 Saõ Paulo time.

Speakers include:

And as with day 1, the full details is on the schedule.

Here’s to DevRelCon LATAM!

We’re excited to support the Latin American DevRel community through DevRelCon LATAM. Thanks also to Common Room for sponsoring this conference.

After the event, we’re planning to translate all talks into English and to provide subtitles for the videos so that they can reach a broader audience. But for now, here’s to a new chapter in DevRelCon history!



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