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The DevRel Awards are returning to London this September! Hoopy organises the event to celebrate the very best of DevRel. This year’s awards look back on the greatest achievements in developer relations from 2022. The public make the nominations. An international jury of DevRel specialists will choose and announce the winners as part of this year’s two-day DevRelCon London 2023 at CodeNode, London, on September 7th and 8th. 

2022 was a year of transition for DevRel, with the world gradually beginning to live with Covid-19. Tougher economic times are beginning to affect developer relations programs, and so it will be interesting to see how that is reflected in the winners.

If there’s a program, team, or individual that you believe represented the best of developer relations in 2022, this is your opportunity to make a nomination before they close on April 28th.

Award categories

For this year’s edition, we have nine categories:

  • Best DevRel Initiative: This award recognises the initiative or campaign that did something entirely new or otherwise moved the practice of DevRel forward. Winners in this category don’t have to be the biggest or best known DevRel teams. Instead, they’ve worked to find new and innovative ways to serve developers, their communities, and their companies. This honour is the most prestigious of the DevRel Awards. Nominate here
  • Best Developer Marketing Campaign: This award celebrates those who have tailored traditional marketing techniques to developer audiences in order to build awareness, change opinions, and drive adoption. Nominate here
  • Best Developer Education Initiative: Developer education is an increasingly important part of many developer relations programs. This is either within the DevRel team itself or as a dedicated DevEd team. This award recognises the program that has done most to deliver innovative and effective ways of educating developers. Nominate here
  • Best new DevRel program (for teams/programs started in 2022): Starting something new takes tremendous effort and courage. While there are some great established DevRel programs, we wanted to recognise those that are just starting out. Nominate here
  • Best Regional DevRel Program: What works in one part of the world might not work so well elsewhere. Each region has its own needs and resource limitations. This award looks to honour the program that has done most in a particular region, even if larger or more globally focused programs might have had more impact overall. Nominate here
  • Best DevRel Program Overall: It’s hard to choose just one program that represents the very best of developer relations. However, with this award we want to celebrate the program, team, and strategy that come together to create something truly meaningful both for the developer relations industry and for the developers it serves. Nominate here

Awards focusing on particular achievements

  • Most Welcoming Developer Community: Joining a new community can be daunting… Let’s face it, developer communities haven’t always been as friendly as they should. This award celebrates the developer community that gives the warmest welcome to new members and helps them to find their success within. Nominate here
  • Greatest individual contribution to DevRel: DevRel is a team effort. That said, there are some individuals who have the opportunity to do something particularly impactful to the field. This is an opportunity to elevate that one person who has done most to drive the discipline of developer relations forward. Nominate here
  • Greatest contribution to society: Developer relations treads a line between benefiting the companies investing in DevRel programs and also benefiting the developers they engage with. But DevRel also has an opportunity to have a wider impact on society as a whole. This accolade recognises such contributions. Nominate here

Nominations are open to everyone. The closing date to submit your nominations is April 28th.

The DevRel Awards 2023 Jury

As always, this year’s DevRel Awards jury features an international panel of DevRel leaders and practitioners. They’ll select the shortlist and final winners for each category. So, who is on the jury?

  • Adam FitzGerald (Hashicorp)
  • Arkodyuti Saha (GitHub)
  • Caroline Lewko (Revere Communications)
  • Edidiong Asikpo (Ambassador Labs)
  • Matthew Revell (Hoopy)
  • Matty Stratton (Aiven)
  • Pachi Parra (GitHub)
  • Tessa Mero (Appwrite)
  • Wesley Faulkner (Amazon)

Sponsorship opportunities

If you’d like to reach a unique audience of DevRel practitioners and leaders, you can sponsor either individual award categories or the DevRel Awards overall. Last year, hundreds of people from across the world joined the virtual awards ceremony. This time around the DevRel Awards 2023 will be a part of DevRelCon London.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about how you can sponsor the DevRel Awards 2023 or DevRelCon London 2023.

Join us!

You can be amongst the first to hear who has won in each category by joining us at DevRelCon London 2023. As well as the awards, there’ll be talks, discussion, sessions, socialising, and more with your fellow DevRel professionals.

So, don’t miss out: Get your ticket for DevRelCon London 2023

We look forward to seeing you in September. And don’t forget to make your nominations before April 28th!

Find out more about DevRelCon London 2023 or submit a talk.

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