DevXcon 2018 vision: developer relations and experience

March 27, 2018

Author Tamao Nakahara

Head of Developer Experience at Weaveworks.

DevXcon crowd shot

DevXcon crowd shot

Register now for this year’s Developer Experience Conference (DevXcon SF 2018), June 4-5, 2018 in San Francisco!

I wrote about how our vision for this year’s conference is two-fold:

  1. Advance practioner experiences in areas such as Developer Marketing, Advocacy, and Community Building
  2. Develop an understanding of the connection between these areas of Developer Experience and Product design and management

To cover these two goals, we have you, the practitioners, and industry thought leaders such as Jono Bacon, Bear Douglas, and Peter Merholz (with many more to come) to lead the conversation toward use cases and solutions.

I also wrote about the product-related vision for this year’s conversation, and those new explorations circle back and refresh key areas around Developer Marketing, Developer Relations, Developer Success, Product vs. Open Source Strategies, Community Building, and more. Here are a few of the areas that we aim to discuss through the sessions, unconf, and conversations:

  • Many industries are tightening the loop between groups such as customer marketing, customer success, community marketing/support, and product all for the fantastic end goal of improving customer experience. Can Developer Experience follow existing templates, or how do we need to define a Developer-centric loop?
  • Being a Community Manager or Developer Advocate who brings back feedback to the product team may feel like the information is anecdotal and that it gets deprioritized quickly. How can we improve cultural understandings between DX and PM, create working systems for feedback, and set clear expectations?
  • Different types of open source communities are emerging, and the ways that they fit into business models are shifting. Let’s review these communities, what Contributor and user experience means for each of these, and how we can make as many people as possible happy.

So, register now to meet our speakers and join the discussion! This is a volunteer-run event and we do it out of our passion for Developer Experience. We also thank major sponsors such as GitHub who believe in our vision and generously give us support 💖. I look forward to seeing you at the event!


Tamao Nakahara

DevXcon SF 2018 co-organizer

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