DevXCon 2017


DevXCon 2017 logo

DevXCon 2017 logo

Developer experience quality will play an ever greater part in whether developer-focused products succeed or fail. When your competitors have thoughtful docs, cared-for native libraries and responsive support forums then you better be sure your developer experience at least matches that.

Developer experience is a craft in its own right that covers the whole end-to-end lifecycle of a developer’s interaction with a product, whether it’s an API, library or infrastructure.

That’s why I’m excited to be helping Tamao and Phil with DevXCon, a brand new conference that’s taking place in San Francisco on May 22nd.

DevXCon is all about sharing practical experiences of how we can create developer experiences that not only attract developers to our platforms but encourage them to stay and become champions for what we’re building.

The call for papers is open and the team are especially interested in the following:

  • documentation and other materials
  • training
  • API design
  • ongoing developer success
  • product management and design.

If you have a talk that will help others to improve what they do with their end-to-end developer experience, you should submit it.

You may wonder where this leaves DevRelCon. Personally, I’ll be focusing on DevRelCon in London and also helping DevRelCons to launch in two new cities in Asia. Hoopy will also be launching two new events in the UK this year, including a remote working conference, as well as working with developer relations consultancy clients.

In the mean-time, submit your developer experience talks to DevXCon!

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