DevRelCon Tokyo 2017 preview


DevRelCon Tokyo 2017 Speakers

DevRelCon Tokyo 2017 Speakers

For the third event in this year’s DevRelCon-family of conferences, we’re heading to Tokyo on July 29th! Our friends at Moongift have organised a two track event that’s going to bring together developer relations professionals from across Japan and beyond.

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The event’s speakers come from across North America, Europe and Japan, including:

  • Katsura Ito and Yoshido Terada of Microsoft
  • John Britten from GitHub
  • Yusuke Morizumi from IBM
  • Timirah James from Verizon
  • Cristiano Betta of WorkBetta
  • Tomomi Imura from Slack
  • Shohei Oda of MKI
  • Havi Hoffman from Mozilla
  • Nicholas Chen from Shopify
  • Karina Popova from LINK Mobility
  • Ryohei Miyota of LINE
  • Kristof Van Tomme from Pronovix
  • Tristan Sokol of Square
  • Scott Massey from Astrocolossal Consulting
  • Ricky Robinett from Twilio
  • Melinda Seckington from FutureLearn
  • Jessica Rose
  • Cassidy Williams of L4 Digital
  • Brandon West from Kickbox
  • Mike Elsmore
  • and me, from Hoopy.

We’ll be covering a diverse range of developer relations topics and, most importantly, this will be a great opportunity to meet the devrel community in Japan.


The day after the conference, Cristiano Betta and I will be running a great value for money workshop on developer relations and developer experience. We’ll cover what you need to do to create and run your developer relations strategy, with a focus on practical takeaways.

Get your ticket

Join us in Tokyo on July 29th! Tickets are very reasonably priced and there are even some great bargains to be had on hotels near the venue in downtown Tokyo.

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