DevRelCon San Francisco 2019 CFP!


DevRelCon San Francisco 2019

DevRelCon San Francisco 2019

This is THE annual San Francisco Bay area conference for Developer Relations and Developer Experience practioners!
June 6-7, 2019

We’re back for our fourth year and re-re-branded back to DevRelCon (from DevXcon).

This is the conference where you can meet and learn from your community of dev advocates, community managers, team managers, dev marketers, and people in many roles that share DevRel and DX responsibilities in support, docs, engineering, product, partner engineering, BD, marketing, customer success, and more!

We encourage you to submit an abstract to our conference to share your challenges, experiments, successes, and learnings.
Tracks will cover areas such as metrics, APIs, SDKs, CLIs, dev marketing, open source, community management, product, and more.

Where possible, we encourage you to consider our THEME for DevRelCon San Francisco 2019:

Diversity and Inclusion of the technical skillsets of your target users and customers

What do we mean by this? Statistically, new and junior developers are a growing majority, and the trend will continue with the success of bootcamp and online programs around the world. How can you ensure the success of your DevRel goals by planning programs and efforts that address diverse types of developers across skillsets, experiences, and backgrounds?  For instance, can you safely say that your docs, tutorials, product, and messaging don’t unconsciously have a non-inclusive tone, language, or design that would lead you to miss sales opportunities or gain happy evangelizers of your product?

We welcome topics that address

  • how to message / do dev marketing in ways that aren’t intimidating or uninviting
  • how to think about onboarding, design, and docs for prod / apis to be inclusive of junior / diverse audiences
  • how to gear your open source projects for different levels of future contributors by pointing people to issues that they can tackle (and inviting new contributors through sprints or events such as Hacktoberfest)
  • how hackathons or other events can balance the goals of sponsoring companies as well as of junior participants and students
  • how to build a growth path in your dx programs and activities so that people associate your brand with their personal life learning
  • how to design strategy, metrics, and budget to target audiences that at face value seem too junior for your goals

We hope this theme leads to relevant talks across the the tracks, fruitful discussions, and strategies that you can take away from the conference and apply to your roles.

We look forward to your submissions!

With love!

Tamao Nakahara, DevRelCon SF co-organizer

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