DevRel Awards 2023: Introducing the Jury


DevRel Awards 2023 jury members

The DevRel Awards is back as part of DevRelCon London this September to celebrate the best of developer relations. Now that the public nominations are closed, the awards jury is busy selecting the winners. Here’s a quick look at who’s who on the jury.

Adam FitzGerald

Current position: VP, Developer Relations

Company: Hashicorp

Location: San Francisco

Adam is well known to DevRelCon audiences, having given talks that help to simplify DevRel metrics by drawing on his background as a mathematician. With a DevRel career that has seen him take positions at VMWare, Pivotal, AWS, amongst others, Adam brings a wealth of developer relations leadership experience to the panel.

Arkodyuti Saha 

Current position: Program Manager

Company: GitHub

Location: Bengaluru, India

Arkodyuti is part of the team that runs GitHub’s Campus Experts program. He returns to the jury to bring his knowledge of open source, developer education, and the DevRel scene in India.

Caroline Lewko 

Current position: CEO

Company: Revere Communications

Location: Vancouver

Experienced DevRel professional Caroline joins our jury from Vancouver, Canada, and is the CEO of Revere Communications and co-founder of DevRel.Agency. 

Regarding the Developer Education category of the DevRel Awards 2023, Caroline considers developer education the key to progress, and ultimately success. She is hoping to see a Developer Education program nominated that adopts a more ‘holistic approach’ to education. ‘Developers learn by seeing, building, and actually doing’, she says, and so believes that a program combining these three elements would be worthy of recognition.

Edidiong Asikpo

Current position: Senior Developer Advocate

Company: Ambasador Labs

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Joining the jury from Lagos, Nigeria, Edidiong Asikpo is a Senior Developer Advocate at Ambassador Labs. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of DevOps through technical articles, videos, and social media.

What excites her most about DevRel recently? “The way in which people have tried to be innovative in how they spend and work in the post-pandemic climate and economic downturn.” 

Edidiong has noticed a change in the way that DevRel professionals are reaching out into the community. New methods are being explored. Everything is now very focused on video content, rather than written content. The innovation created during Covid-19 is an aspect of present-day DevRel that she finds fascinating.

Matthew Revell

Current position: CEO

Company: Hoopy,

Location: Shropshire, UK

UK-based Matthew is CEO of developer content agency Hoopy and founder of the world’s largest library of DevRel content, A seasoned developer relations professional, he is also the creator of DevRelCon. He looks forward with anticipation to the awards in September.

“The DevRel Awards is all about celebrating those teams and individuals who have an outsized impact on their communities, companies, DevRel itself, or even broader society. It has been a tough year for developer relations and we want to acknowledge that while also taking some time to focus on the impactful work that DevRel teams are doing.”

Matty Stratton 

Current position: Director of Developer Relations

Company: Aiven

Location: Chicago

Aiven Director of Developer Relations Matty Stratton, based in Chicago, USA, will be joining the panel at the DevRel Awards 2023. 

His advice to anyone looking to start a new DevRel program from scratch? “Be aware of what you are trying to accomplish and be really crisp about the ways that you are measuring value and success”.

Matty believes that to do something truly remarkable in DevRel, how the DevRel program serves the needs of the developer community must be clearly aligned with the needs of the company.

Pachi Parra

Current position: Developer Advocate

Company: GitHub

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Joining the DevRel Awards 2023 from Sao Paulo, Developer Advocate Pachi Parra is  GitHub DevRel Lead in Brazil. Her focus is on growing and nurturing GitHub’s space within the Brazilian community.

Tessa Mero

Current position: Head of Developer Relations and Experience

Company: Appwrite

Location: Seattle

Seattle’s Tessa Mero is Head of Developer Relations and Experience at Appwrite, leading developer communities and mentoring others to success. 

Speaking about developer education, Tessa wants to see a change in how DevRel programs target educational content. She says it’s often unclear what level of experience a developer needs in order to follow a tutorial or guide and that too much content is made without considering where the audience is and what needs they have.

Wesley Faulkner

Current position: Sr. Community Manager 

Company: AWS

Location: Wisconsin

Senior Community Manager Wesley Faulkner of AWS is joining the awards jury from Wisconsin, USA. Wesley’s experience spans multiple facets of the technology industry, with over 20 years of domain knowledge in product marketing, product management, strategic planning and software/hardware implementation, 

“The influence of DevRel has grown astronomically over the last year, to the point where companies understand the need and the function of DevRel”, says Wesley, a fact that he finds exciting about DevRel today.

His view on whether DevRel should aim to have an impact on wider society? “I think what the intention should be is to understand the impact, and be able to use that place of responsibility in an equitable and transparent manner.”

A diverse, international jury 

So, quite the diverse lineup of judges! The DevRel Awards 2023 jury is made up of developer relations leaders and professionals from all over the world, each bringing their variety of personal experiences and perspectives of DevRel to the table. 

The DevRel Awards 2023 seeks to recognise the very best of developer relations worldwide. To do this fairly and effectively takes a jury that brings together what DevRel means in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, as well as North America and Europe. And that’s because what works for one group of people can have different meaning for others, depending on where they are in the industry and, indeed, the world.

We’ll announce all of the winners here on but you can be amongst the first to hear who has won by joining us at DevRelCon London 2023. Get your ticket and join us at CodeNode on September 7 and 8th.

To find out more information on speakers, agenda, how to sponsor and more, check out the conference website.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

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