Carly Richmond is speaking at DevRelCon London 2023

June 21, 2023

Author Joanne Johnson

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The countdown is on to DevRelCon London 2023! Back in London for the first time since 2019, this year’s event is made up of two days of talks, discussion sessions, networking, and socialising. Among other topics, we’ll be covering developer education, DevRel in a downturn, community data and operations, core skills, DevRel for web3, and more. 

Join us to learn, share, and hang out with your fellow DevRel professionals from across the world. And to give you a taste of what’s on offer, here’s our next quick fire speaker interview.

About Carly


Speaker: Carly Richmond 

Company: Elastic

Position: Developer Advocate 

Talk title: Respecting the social battery in DevRel

Carly is a Developer Advocate at Elastic, based in London, UK. Before joining Elastic in 2022, she spent over 10 years working as a technologist at a large investment bank, specialising in Frontend Web development and agility. She is an avid front-end engineer, speaker and regular blogger.


About Carly’s talk


Tell us a little about the talk that you are planning to give at DevRelCon London 2023 

So, at DevRelCon London 2023, I’m going to be talking all about the social battery and how it relates to Dev Rel. This is the idea that your social energy as a person is not static. People are often labelled as either an extrovert or an introvert, but it is actually more of a scale. I’ll be looking at how that impacts DevRel on two fronts – in terms of the community that we engage with, and also how we look after ourselves.


Why should people attend your talk? What should they expect to take away from it?

I think what’s important is that, not just during the pandemic, but even now, we have a duty to ourselves to make sure that we are working together to create an inclusive place. So, somewhere where, irrespective of how you feel on a given day, you can come along to events, you can work productively, and you don’t feel like you’re getting to the point where you’re going to burn out. 

We have a very interesting job, if you think about it, particularly as community managers or advocates. We go from periods of intense social energy, where we’re on booth duty, or at conferences or meetups, and we’re talking to loads of people in a very short space of time. But we also have periods of isolation, such as when we travel, or work on content in our spare time. Although we may encounter people within that every day that are at different levels of extroversion or introversion, depending on what’s going on in their lives, we also have to look after ourselves, so the talk will cover that.


What are you most looking forward to at this year’s DevRelCon London event?

One, I get to meet lots of DevRel people that I may meet in passing at conferences, but we never tend to talk about the experiences of our own jobs, how we can make DevRel as a field better, or solve some of the challenges that have come up recently. That would be the first thing. Getting to see lovely people, and socialise and chat. 

The other thing for me is the learning experience. It will be my first DevRelCon. I’ve actually only been working in DevRel for just over a year, so I’m excited to learn the different ways that people are approaching community development, and all the other facets. So, for me, it’s going to be exciting for two reasons!


Join us at DevRelCon London 2023 this September

To secure your space to hear Carly’s talk and more, get your ticket today. You can also become a sponsor of the event to reach the unique DevRelCon audience; get in touch.


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