Announcing DevRelCon San Francisco 2016




A developer relations conference for developer advocates by developer advocates is happening in San Francisco on April 16th 2016!

Submit your talk today!

DevRelCon SF 2016 builds on the successful inaugural DevRelCon London and is all about the craft of building and running developer communities. It’s a one day, single-track event, and the programme will cover:

  • practical lessons from the trenches of developer relations
  • insights into how best to perform our roles
  • new techniques, tools and more.

This isn’t an event trying to explain devrel to executives. This is for evangelists, advocates, community managers and anyone else who is building awareness, adoption, education and community among developers.

Let’s share what we’ve learnt about our craft with each other.

The single track one day conference takes place on April 16th 2016 at Microsoft Reactor, on Folsom Street, and is organised by Couchbase’s Matthew Revell and Arun Gupta and New Relic’s Tamao Nakahara.

If you’re in the Bay area, or can get to San Francisco, submit your talk today! Tickets go on sale soon.

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