Alessandro Vozza is speaking at DevRelCon London 2023


The countdown is on to DevRelCon London 2023! Back in London for the first time since 2019, this year’s event is made up of two days of talks, discussion sessions, networking, and socialising. Among other topics, we’ll be covering developer education, DevRel in a downturn, community data and operations, core skills, DevRel for web3, and more. 

Join us to learn, share, and hang out with your fellow DevRel professionals from across the world. And to give you a taste of what’s on offer, here’s our next quick fire speaker interview.

About Alessandro

Speaker: Alessandro Vozza


Position: Platform Advocate

Talk title: The Neuroscience of Communities

Community leader and CNCF ambassador Alessandro has spent the last few years building cloud-native infrastructures for Microsoft customers, animating the Dutch community, and training others to pass the CKx exams. He has a passion for all things cloud native. Alessandro has been around open source for 25 years and recently moved to a new Developer Relations role at, where he’s on a mission to install a service mesh in every Kubernetes cluster he gets his hands on.


About Alessandro’s talk


Tell us about the talk that you are planning to give at DevRelCon London 2023 

I’m a scientist and chemist, and neuroscience really interests me. My other passion is open source. I read lots of books and I made the connection between why we seek communities, why we get together, and the evolutionary reason behind it. I will be explaining in my talk at DevRelCon London 2023 the evolutionary and neurological path behind this drive for people to get together and work together. I think open source is the prime example of why people come together to create things. Evolution is a great interest of mine. So I will be looking at how to rationalise getting together and creating software.  

We see in all animals that there is an evolutionary advantage to socialising. We all have a survival drive within us that encourages us to work as a team or a community. The message of my talk is that open source fulfils our evolutionary destiny. It is a natural expression of an innate desire and drive for community.


Why should people attend your talk? What should they expect to take away from it?

I think this is a topic that is often overlooked. There is a more profound reason behind why we do what we do – the conferences, communities, working together to reach a higher goal. My talk will remind people of the fact that there is something more primitive at play when we collaborate. It is in our essence as humans to work together. I will explain this in my talk. 

This is not a technical talk, unless you are into neuroscience and evolution (!) There will be no coding. It is simply a different perspective on DevRel. It is sometimes good in conferences to shift attention to perhaps something a bit lighter, not just coding and computing. We have a role in our society, and that role is also part of the very nature of being a human.


What are you most looking forward to at this year’s DevRelCon London event?

I’ve been doing DevRel for six months now, and I love it. I think it is a great chance as a community of DevRel people to get together and exchange information. I find it quite difficult in my role as I have no guidance or ‘north star’. So, I am looking forward to being together with the incredible speakers and amazing community, and to challenging myself. It will be an opportunity to see if I’m doing things right, and get ideas on how to do my job better. The last few years have seen a rise in DevRel as it is the smart way to do marketing, technical marketing, and take care of each other and developers.


Join us at DevRelCon London 2023 this September

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