DevRelCon Prague 2022

6 December, 2022

7 December, 2022

Spojka Events, Prague

DevRelCon Prague was an English language conference that took place in December 2022 for two days of sharing, learning, and communing. It was co-organised by Hoopy and local partner

Videos of the talks from DevRelCon Prague will be available here soon.

Videos from DevRelCon Prague 2022

Measuring DevRel During a Downturn. Ben Greenberg's talk at DevRelCon Prague

Measuring DevRel During a Downturn

Ben Greenberg

Senior Developer Relations Engineer Parity Technologies

DevOps Days During the Pandemic: Floor Drees

DevOps Days During the Pandemic

Floor Drees

Staff Developer Advocate Aiven

Roundtable discussion at DevRelCon Prague with Cat McGee, Kristof van Tomme, Carla Teixeira, Jonan Scheffler, Matthew Revell

DevRelCon Prague 2022 retrospective