DevRelCon LATAM 2023 CFP

DevRelCon LATAM 2023 logoDevRelCon LATAM 2023 is the first developer relations conference dedicated to DevRel professionals working in Latin America, as well as the broader worldwide Spanish and Portuguese speaking DevRel communities.

The conference is taking place online in February 2023. February 9th will be in Spanish and February 10th in Portuguese.

Submit your talk in Spanish or Portuguese. If you submit a talk in English using the form below, we will accept it only if you can show us that you can give it in either Spanish or Portuguese.

About you

All presentations must be in either Spanish or Portuguese. We are not accepting English language talks.
This helps people to put your talk into context and to know why they should hear from you on your chosen topic.
If you're not currently in work, leave this blank. If appropriate, this could also be your university or a community that you represent.
If you have them, please link to videos of talks you have given in the past. If you don't have such videos, please provide links to relevant articles you've written, podcast appearances, and similar.

About your talk

Explain to us, the conference organisers, what your talk is about and what the audience will learn from your talk. It's important to give us an outline of what you'll cover so that we can get an understanding of what the audience might gain from the talk. Give us as much relevant detail as you can. Sell your talk to us.