Building Successful Online Communities with Joe Nash

19 January, 2022

08:30 PST / 16:30 UTC

Building Successful Online Communities book coverThere are relatively few books on community management that draw on academic research. Building Successful Online Communities, from MIT Press, is a collection of papers that provide practical, evidence based insights that will help anyone working in developer relations.

In this opening episode of the DevRel Book Club, Joe Nash joins Matthew Revell and Ramón Huidobro to discuss how this book provides some of fundamental guidance necessary to building developer communities.

  • 00:58: Introduction to the DevRel Book Club idea.
  • 03:15: Welcome to Joe Nash!
  • 04:30: Joe explains why he chose this book for the DevRel Book Club.
  • 07:47: The morality of designing communities.
  • 10:14: How the structure of the book works, including “design claims”.
  • 15:00: The design claims in the book are essentially amoral. It is up to you whether you use them.
  • 19:06: This book provides research to back up and dispute many of the truisms that crop up in DevRel.
  • 26:20: Asking for referrals before welcoming new community members
  • 31:15: Performance contingent entry tasks can be hard to scale
  • 39:58: Does the research in this book apply to developers just as much as the general population?

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