Can pedagogy research help DevRel professionals train and support each other in programming?


Jane Waite

Job title

Research Scientist


Raspberry Pi Foundation


DevRelCon Deep Dives 2022

In this talk from DevRelCon Deep Dives, Rapsberry Pi Research Scientist Jane Waite provides an overview of a research study that she recently completed.

In the study, she investigated how programming pedagogy research from education could be used to support industry professionals in their training and support of others. Pedagogy is how we teach a subject rather than what we teach. We implement pedagogy through instructional approaches, such as code reading to improve code writing or using Parsons Problems to support learning the structure of programming constructs.

Jane delivered several cohorts of a course on programming pedagogy to IT professionals. It was a free course, and it was always oversubscribed. After the course, the participants completed a survey on the impact of the training, and she interviewed a small group of attendees some six months later to see how the course had influenced their training of others.

Watch this video to hear about the instructional approaches that were shared. Find out what approaches were predicted by attendees to stick and what actually stuck for a group of them.

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