Value driven DevRel


Tim Messerschmidt

Job title

DevRelCon Ecosystems Lead Europe




DevRelCon 2021

Whenever people in Developer Relations discuss the purpose and meaning of our jobs, we use strong terms, such as empowerment, inspiration, or enablement. But then, we focus on success metrics, daily active users, or revenue, and those meaningful terms we discussed just seconds ago become far less significant and don’t seem to influence our strategies, plans, and execution all that much.

In this talk from DevRelCon 2021, Tim speaks about value-driven DevRel: a discussion about the tangible, real-world value we, as practitioners in this field, can bring to our audience through our tools, SDKs, and APIs. He discusses how we can help elate developers be more successful, advance their careers, and positively impact the world while supporting our companies in being more successful and helpful, too! If these are topics that get you excited about, this talk is a perfect fit for you!

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