The magical art of storytelling


Fatimah Sarah Khalid

Job title

Developer Programs Engineer




DevRelCon 2021

Technology is complex and ever-changing, but one thing stays the same: humans and their love of stories.

A critical part of any Developer Relations team is sharing products and ideas, inspiring people with demos, and showcasing what’s possible. The best way to resonate with that audience is to tell a story they can relate to.

This talk from DevRelCon 2021 covers how to get started on your journey of storytelling. Fatima goes step by step through crafting a narrative and developing the elements of a good story – the characters, the events, and the trajectory. She talks about the challenges in the process, when to ask for feedback, ways to find inspiration when you feel stuck, and different methods by which to build your narrative.

All software has a story and great stories move people to action.


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