Meet Ramón Huidobro


How did you first get into DevRel?

Meet Ramón HuidobroBefore starting out in DevRel, I was freelancing as a software engineer for over a decade. I very quickly into my career started discovering meet-ups, conferences, and other developer related events that I found myself highly enjoying and participating in.

Before starting in developer relations, I was a freelance software engineer for over a decade. Throughout this time, my main motivator has been the different tech communities I’ve been involved in.

In late 2020, Jess Rose approached me about the possibility of doing a job share, that is two people doing the job of one, for a startup. This was a transformative act of kindness that I forever appreciate. It turns out I love DevRel!

This has more recently gotten me into developer education, which has in turn led us to run JavaScript as well as web development bootcamps. I’m also doing so in Spanish, in which I’m writing my first video course. And I’ve begun coding while live streaming to learn together with folks online!

Why does your company do DevRel?

One of Suborbital’s main goals is to help nurture the wider WebAssembly community. This means spreading awareness and adoption of WebAssembly-based technologies, not only our own.

How does DevRel work at your company?

We split tasks based on what we feel we can do well as well as what areas we would like to grow in. Collaboration is a major focus.

We also want to shine the spotlight on members of the engineering team who are interested in participating in DevRel-related tasks. We’re even helping those keen on transitioning into DevRel!

And what role do you play in your company’s DevRel?

My current focus is on macro-level developer experience, as well as public speaking, education and strategy.

What’s your DevRel philosophy?

For me it’s all about listening, empathising, empowering, inclusivity and research.

What challenges do you see for DevRel right now?

Finding one’s first DevRel role can be tricky. With lots of (necessary!) conversations happening around the definition thereof, there can be inconsistent or (in my opinion) incorrect hiring priorities around DevRel, including, for example, follower count!

What are you hopeful about in DevRel?

I’m seeing more conversations happening around junior DevRel opportunities, which gives me hope!

Furthermore, I deeply appreciated that DevRelCon and other, similar events are taking place online lately, as this opens up the opportunity to folks who don’t have the time or location convenience to be able to attend them.

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