Leveraging previous work experience to start a DevRel career


Charles Pretzer

The practice of developer relations requires both knowledge and the ability to communicate that knowledge.

In this talk, Charles Pretzer offers advice to people looking to start a career in developer relations as well as current practitioners who are looking to advance their practice. He argues that we gain knowledge in several ways, and that one of those ways is through experience. He says that experience is not limited to our own experience but that we can also gain knowledge through the experiences of others.

Reflecting on a twenty year career in tech, Charles shows how he has drawn on a variety of experience, including:

  • Providing customer support directly to customers
  • Leading a customer support team
  • Working on projects as part of an engineering team
  • Managing engineering projects
  • Architecting and developing solutions within the constraints of customer requirements
  • Understanding that some development constraints require creative solutions that are not found in tutorials
  • Presenting to private and public audiences.

Transcript coming soon.

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