Leading the Way, Building Great Communities and Making an Impact (In Spanish)


Andrea Griffiths and Julián Duque

Job title

DevRel professionals


GitHub, Salesforce


DevRelCon LATAM 2023

Many people ask themselves: How can I be a Developer Advocate? What does it take to work in Developer Relations? What are the skills needed to perform this role?

In this talk, Julián & Andrea demystify the role of Developer Advocate and follow the steps from birth, through growth, to legacy.

Key takeaways

  • A Developer Advocate is born into the community and grows through the use of empathy, communication, technical skills and collaborative learning.
  • A Developer Advocate is the bridge between the community and those who create the product.
  • The best way to make an impact is to give back to the community what you have received from it.

Andrea and Julián’s talk

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En español

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