From rock musician to developer advocate




In this entertaining talk from DevRelCon London 2017, Taiji Hagino gives a whistle-stop tour of eight important factors in the life of a developer advocate and what they have in common with the life of a musician.


Who’s that? It’s me. Over 20 years ago. All right. I was very young. Belonged to Japanese music office. And I sometimes make music contents for digital contents. I’ve spent exciting days but we wanted different things during, me and the members who are the music office members. So I decided to change my job.

And now…well actually, after that I wanted to be a web designer. So after musician, I became a web designer. Yes, so that’s how I became a web designer. Oh, really? Uh, no. Oh. I became a programmer. I don’t know why I became a programmer. I wanted to make a website, a web design, and my guess, touch a CSS stylesheet or something like that. But I touched the SQL, command-line interface, and coding and more. I don’t know why that’s so, but fortunately I had a chance that making Flash contents so, kind of a web designing.

Okay, so making anime on web on EC-Site or something like that. And then after that I became the freelance and package vendor, making Flash tools as EAI tool, or something like that. But, went belly up. Wow. I lost my job.

I finally decided to make my own company. Okay, manage my own company, but just one year. Sales, consulting, development and more. Accurate Systems, my own company. It’s my image. “I am president. Right that way.” It’s real. I am president. That’s it. That’s a Japanese classical table and just one PC. That’s it.

Okay, just kidding. So interesting experience for me. After that I returned and went back to employ at a company, Cloud Platform Vendor, IBM. Okay, now I’m IBM.

So, conclusion. Just 5 minutes to talk session, right? I think eight important factors for developer advocate is musician and advocate have lots in common. The marketing, research, development or making music content. Business development and community. Sharing code or sharing music, and technical support. Developer/musician relations. Okay.

Also me, DevRel Meetup Japan Core Member. Come on, let’s join next year. We have a plan for holding the DevRelCon Toyko again. And I forgot it, one more important thing. Register IBM Cloud Light account, again. Okay, thanks.

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