DevRel Awards 2019


Mary Thengvall

Mary Thengvall

The second annual DevRel Awards took place in London on December 11th 2019, as part of DevRelCon.

The DevRel Awards are all about celebrating the best of dev rel and, as such, nominations were open to everyone, with the winners chosen by a panel of dev rel experts:

  • Best developer education programme

    Best developer education programme

    Uttam Tripathi, Head of Global Programs, DevRel Ecosystem, at Google

  • Dana Oshiro, General Partner and GM, at Heavybit Industries
  • Bear Douglas, Director of Developer Relations, at Slack
  • Cristiano Betta, Senior Developer Advocate, at Box
  • me, from Hoopy.

As in the first year, it was difficult to chose just one winner in each category. There has been so much growth in the quality and volume of developer relations activity that it’s hard to single out just a handful of programmes or individuals. However, as the panel discussed the nominations it became clear that there were indeed stand-out winners.

Those winners were:

We’ll be announcing the 2020 awards in the run-up to this year’s European edition of DevRelCon. Keep an eye on the DevRel Newsletter.

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