How to know if you are a good DevRel (in Spanish)


José Dimas Luján Castillo

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DevRelCon LATAM 2023


José has experience as a developer and knows that it is very easy to make the transition between technologies as they always have a common denominator regarding metrics and how to improve. In the end, everything is code and it is very easy to know when someone makes good code or where it can be improved. 

During his switch to DevRel, José faced a different approach in measuring his results. In code, it is very obvious and there’s a tonne of information, but when a developer joins the DevRel profession there might be very little. The goals, metrics, and challenges also vary and are more complex and less obvious than when programming.

In this talk from DevRelCon LATAM 2023, José shares all the difficulties he encountered and how a developer can be supported by defining what they can do better and consequently improving as a DevRel practitioner.

Key takeaways

  • As a DevRel, you always have to be clear about the objectives of the product or the company, but it is a good idea to always have your own career and professional development objectives.
  • Know the structure of the company, as then you will always know which path to take, or at least where to start when you need information or an external request for support.
  • Create a plan or program that does not depend on budget. Have a plan with a budget and another without a budget, as circumstances can unexpectedly change.
  • Have a crisis management plan for any confusions, misunderstandings, or mistakes that can happen in social media, conferences, and elsewhere.
  • Find the communities that really match your project, product, or company. Value them and listen carefully to them.

José’s talk video (in Spanish)

See José‘s talk on YouTube.

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