10 Steps to Take your Meetup Program to the Next Level (in Spanish)


María Alcantará

Job title

Community Manager




DevRelCon LATAM 2023

This presentation from DevRelCon LATAM 2023 tells the story of the Camunda meet-ups program. María briefly talks about how the program started in 2018, how it was doing when she joined in July 2021 and the steps she took to take it to the next level, including having one-to-one calls with Chapter leaders, and defining and documenting all processes.

Some of the questions María asked herself as she began this transformation were: 

  • How can we have sustainable growth while maintaining personal connections and a sense of community?
  • What resources could she give to the organisers to make them successful and self-sufficient?
  • How could she make sure the program continued to add value to both the community and the company? 

This talk highlights how a year of tough experiences and hard work can truly pay off as Camunda saw inactive groups reduced to 3% from the previous year, and 80% of people ‘very satisfied’ with Camunda’s support, compared with December 2021.

Key takeaways

  1. Audit your program. Establish a personal connection with Chapter leaders and better understand their Chapters through one-on-one calls. The information gathered can then be added to an internal database so anyone from the Developer Relation team can access it.
  2. Define key indicators, for example, for measuring the engagement of chapters. These can be through feedback surveys.
  3. Define and document processes
  4. Create resources for your organisers to help with areas such as driving awareness and a playbook for the day to day running of the chapter.
  5. Choose a platform, such as Bevy, that allows you to demonstrate the value of the program. You should be able to answer ‘yes’ to these questions: Is it showing all events and chapters at a single glance? Can you know the demographics of your attendees?
  6. Talk about the program internally
  7. Participate in meet-ups. Step out of your comfort zone and participate actively in the meet-ups, especially the first ones of the year. It is a way of promoting team unity, and getting to know your colleagues outside of a work setting.
  8. Identify passionate organisers

María’s talk

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