Fast forward: deploying our best selves to build the future of developer communities


Tim Falls‘ DevRelCon San Francisco talk looked at how to approach the challenges we face in our work lives in a way that helps us grow and that benefits the developer communities that we’re part of.

Here’s how Tim described it:

We evangelists/advocates/dev_relations folks face challenging forces in our respective roles, like all professionals. And naturally, the obstacles upon which we risk stumbling are sui generis in nature, due to the unique characteristics of our shared reality. Fortunately, challenges can be reframed as opportunities; and the old adage tells us that risk brings with it reward.

To push our craft forward with consistent improvement, we need a firm understanding of the world around us in its present state; and we want some vision of the future. The companies we’re building today are operating in the midst of an accelerated cycle within an evolutionary period of capitalism’s history. While we can’t know what the future holds, we are in the position to shape it. With that in mind, we must prepare ourselves to be the best, most self-actualized (and thus most capable) versions of ourselves, not only so that we thrive, but so that the future versions of our companies are well-adapted for our eventual realities.

Let’s discuss and explore philosophies, practices, skills, and world views that can help each of us be more mindful of why we do what we do, more deliberate about how we do what we do, and more content with what we achieve (or fail to achieve.)

As individuals and as a community, our capacity for creating good is vast – some would argue, limitless. If only a portion of our potential is realized, we can influence how business is conducted in the future, by helping to establish a new lineage to guide the next generation(s) of community builders, entrepreneurs, business executives, humans.

My hope is that this talk will contribute to an ongoing conversation and a conscious, collective effort to cultivate a fun, healthy, happy, human-centric environment in which our careers can grow together.

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