Auth0 launch their ambassador programme


Auth0 Ambassador

Auth0 Ambassador

Auth0, the identity start-up, has launched an ambassador programme.

They’re looking for developers who want to help build the Auth0 community, while learning new skills. Here are the requirements they list for prospective members:

  • Passionate about mentoring and teaching developers
  • Active participant and/or leader in a tech community
  • A love of software development
  • Dream job is to become a Developer Evangelist
  • A demonstrated interest in at least two of the following (creating technical blog posts, public speaking, developer events, web or mobile development)
  • Over the Age of 18

Members of the programme will work with the Auth0 evangelism team to run local meet-ups, improve their public speaking and writing skills and take part in other developer community activities. The programme emphasises that this is a two-way deal: Auth0 benefits from a more organised community and the ambassadors will learn skills that could lead them to a career in developer relations, echoing Twilio Heroes.

If you’re interested, take a look at the Auth0 Ambassadors site.

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