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Promotional graphic for DevRelCon London 2023 featuring Carly Richmond, a Developer Advocate at Elastic. The image includes a headshot of Carly Richmond on the left, with the title 'Respecting the Social Battery in DevRel' next to her image. In the background, there are stylized elements representing London, such as the Underground sign and a red double-decker bus. The event's website, ',' is displayed at the bottom. The logo of 'hoopy,' the creator of the graphic, is in the bottom right corner.

Respecting the social battery in DevRel

February 7, 2024

Promotional banner for a presentation titled 'The DevRel Layoff Survival Guide' by Shy Ruparel, Developer Advocate at Superblocks, at DevRelCon London 2023. The left side features a smiling individual with glasses. The right side has a graphic design with iconic London imagery such as the London Underground sign, a red double-decker bus, and the event name 'DEVRELCON'. The bottom right corner has the text 'MADE BY hoopy'.

The DevRel Layoff Survival Guide

January 4, 2024

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