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May 18, 2022

Author Matthew Revell

DevRelCon founder and Editor in Chief of DeveloperRelations.com.

DeveloperRelations.com is joining OrbitI’m excited to share that DevRelCon and DeveloperRelations.com are joining Orbit, the company behind the Orbit Model and makers of the Orbit community growth platform.

Developer relations is at a genuinely exciting point in its history. The variety of organisations that want to reach developers has grown enormously, as have the reasons driving investment in DevRel. These changes combined are driving massive growth in the number of open DevRel roles and new people joining the profession.

But as wonderful as all that is, it comes with risk. Growth and growing pains often come together.

DevRelCon Tokyo 2019

DevRelCon Tokyo 2019

Since the first DevRelCon back in 2015, Hoopy’s mission has been to help professionalise developer relations. We set out to provide DevRel practitioners with an opportunity to learn from one another and hear from experienced voices outside DevRel. 

With our 18th DevRelCon just around the corner, I’d like to think we achieved that. Not only have we seen editions of DevRelCon in London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing, and online, but DeveloperRelations.com is now home to hundreds of articles and videos offering practical guidance for both experienced and recent DevRel practitioners. In addition, we run podcasts, publish a newsletter with global reach (as well as launching the annual State of Developer Relations report), and help recognise the best of the profession through the DevRel Awards.

But Hoopy’s mission needs to enter a new phase to meet the challenge of serving the DevRel profession. That’s why DevRelCon, DeveloperRelations.com, and Hoopy’s associated projects are joining Orbit.

No company gets this mission of empowering DevRel better than Orbit. Core to Orbit is the team’s commitment to empowering community builders, and that started (and continues today) with DevRel. Orbit is a company founded and run today by people who have been in your shoes, have real, hands-on experience running DevRel programs, and are passionate about how to progress DevRel. Orbit co-founder and CTO Josh Dzielak was already a supporter of DevRelCon, sponsoring the event while heading up DevRel at Algolia. Meanwhile, Orbit co-founder and CEO Patrick Woods formed the idea for the Orbit product while attending DevRelCon SF in 2018. 

The Orbit team cares deeply about providing the tooling, learning, and community space DevRel needs. Together with Orbit, we have an incredible opportunity to contribute to the future of DevRel.

What’s next?

DevRelCon Deep DivesOrbit’s investment enables the Hoopy team to focus entirely on building out DevRelCon, DeveloperRelations.com, and other projects to help drive DevRel forward as part of the Orbit family. 

Crucially, DevRelCon will continue with the help of our community of co-organizers. DevRelCon Deep Dives, our online conference aimed at DevRel leaders, is later this month. And we’re actively looking at how to bring in-person DevRelCon events back safely later this year and expand to new locations such as Brazil, Kenya, and India.

Here on DeveloperRelations.com, you’ll see more articles, new podcasts, and research-backed reports to clarify many unanswered questions around DevRel strategy and execution. Thanks to Orbit’s investment, we’re hiring DevRel Analysts straight away (want to join us?), and we’re looking forward to expanding the team further in the future.

Perhaps most exciting for me are our plans for a new DevRel Academy that will provide in-depth, high-quality training for new and experienced DevRel people no matter where they are.

New editorial advisors

We can achieve this only if DevRelCon, DeveloperRelations.com, and our other projects maintain editorial independence from Orbit. So we’ve created a panel of editorial advisors who will guide the strategy and themes of our work while providing oversight for our commitment to independence.

I’m proud to say that our founding group comprises DevRel industry leaders Phil Leggetter, Mary Thengvall, and Brian Douglas.

Editorial advisors

We’re looking to add three more members. If you’re interested in guiding the future direction of DevRel or have suggestions on new members, please DM me on Twitter via @matthewrevell.

After working in developer relations for 16 years, my passion for the profession’s potential is stronger than ever. I’m incredibly excited by the opportunity to join such a talented team dedicated to furthering the practice of DevRel and community building at scale. 

Much more to come soon.

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