State of DevRel 2021 survey now open

September 20, 2021

Author Matthew Revell

Founder of Hoopy, the developer relations consultancy. Need help with your developer relations? Get in touch.

The annual State of DevRel survey is now open!

Take the survey to contribute your perspective to the upcoming State of DevRel 2021 report.

Why take part

Sharing knowledge of how different individuals, teams, and companies practice developer relations was the founding motivation behind DevRelCon.

Over the past six years, DevRelCon has helped surface insights and practical takeaways from speakers across the DevRel world. But for something deeper, we at Hoopy wanted to dive into the detail of what developer relations teams are doing in their day to day.

The State of DevRel report provides an annual snapshot of the motivations, methods, and metrics of developer relations practitioners. The survey provides the basis of the data that we at Hoopy,  together with Revere Communications, use to analyse what’s happening in international developer relations.

The reports are free to everyone who wants to access them and the survey is anonymous. So, share your take on developer relations as it is in 2021 by completing the survey.