Nominations are open for the DevRel Awards 2022!


DevRel Awards 2022

The DevRel Awards are back! Nominate the individuals, teams, and programs that you believe represented the best of developer relations in 2020 and 2021.

During the pandemic, we put the awards on hold as we all came to terms with how the world had changed. Although the pandemic is still with us, we feel developer relations has adapted and it’s time again to recognise the best of the creativity of the teams and individuals who have done most to push forward DevRel in all its forms.

That’s why we’re running the DevRel Awards 2022, covering both 2020 and 2021.

Award categories

TwilioQuest best dev education program 2019This time, we have nine categories covering all aspects of developer relations:

  • Best DevRel Initiative
  • Best New DevRel Program
  • Best Developer Marketing Campaign
  • Best Developer Education Initiative
  • Best Developer Onboarding
  • Best Ongoing Developer Experience
  • Most Welcoming Developer Community
  • Greatest Contribution to Society
  • Greatest Individual Contributor to DevRel

As in previous years, nominations are open to everyone. Make sure to make your nominations by the closing date of February 11th.

The shortlist and final winners will be chosen by a panel of DevRel industry experts, including Camunda’s Mary Thengvall and Microsoft’s April Speight.

Livestreaming the awards ceremony

DevRel awardsReserve your free spot to join us on March 29th 2022 to take part in the livestreamed DevRel Awards ceremony where people from across the DevRel industry will announce the winners. There’ll also be an exclusive keynote talk and networking opportunities.

If you’d like to sponsor a particular award, or the entire event, then get in touch.

And don’t forget to make your nominations before February 11th!

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