Introducing the DevRel Book Club


DevRel Book Club: Building Successful Online Communities with Joe Nash

DevRel is a broad discipline. Sometimes that makes it harder to pin down. But one of the upsides is that we can take inspiration from so many different sources.

The new DevRel Book Club is our way of surfacing some of the books that developer relations professionals have found helpful in their careers. Our hope is to find the books that aren’t as well known in DevRel circles and to dive into the takeaways that they offer.

Each month we’ll have a guest who’ll talk about their chosen book. We’ll stream each episode live, with opportunities for members of the audience to make comments and put questions through Discord. And for people who already have a passion for that month’s book there’ll also be opportunities to join the stream and take part in the conversation directly.

After each live stream, the episode will be available both as a podcast and as a video here on

First episode of the DevRel Book Club

For our first episode we’ll be talking to Joe Nash about Building Successful Online Communities from MIT Press. If you’d like to be prepared for the first episode then grab your copy of the book and get reading!

To pose questions during the livestream, grab your membership in order to access the Discord. If you’d like to appear on the livestream, get in touch to tell us a bit about your take on this particular book.

Share a book that has helped you

If you want to be a guest in a future episode, tell us what book you want to include in the book club and why. There’ll be a new episode every month for six months and then we’ll take a short break before coming back for a new season.

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