DevRel Awards 2022 schedule


Jono BaconDuring the DevRel Awards 2022, presented by Orbit, live streamed ceremony we’ll be joined by developer relations professionals from across the world to celebrate the best of DevRel.

Keynote speaker Jono Bacon will kick things off and we’ll also hear from the awards judges, including Mary Thengvall, April Speight, and Adam DuVander. Then we get straight into finding out who won in each of the nine award categories.

Wherever you are, you can join the awards ceremony at starting at 09:30 Pacific/17:30 London.


  • 09:30 Pacific/17:30 London: Welcome! With co-hosts Matthew Revell and Bryan Robinson.
  • 09:35/17:35: Keynote from Jono Bacon
  • 09:50/17:50: Most Welcoming Developer Community
  • 10:00/18:00: Best Developer Onboarding
  • 10:10/18:10: Best Ongoing Developer Experience
  • 10:25/18:25: Best Developer Education Initiative
  • 10:35/18:35: Best Developer Marketing Campaign
  • 10:45/18:45: Greatest Individual Contribution
  • 10:55/18:55: Best New DevRel Program
  • 11:05/19:05: Greatest Contribution to Society
  • 11:15/19:15: Best DevRel Initiative

Don’t forget to join us live and for free at

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