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The ceremony for the DevRel Awards 2022, presented by Orbit, brought together hundreds of DevRel professionals from around the world to find out live who won in nine categories.

Following open nominations, where nearly a thousand people nominated the individuals, teams, and programs they felt represent the best of DevRel, the awards jury voted to select a shortlist and then again to select winners in each of nine categories:

  • Most welcoming developer community
  • Best developer onboarding
  • Best ongoing developer experience
  • Best developer marketing campaign
  • Best developer education initiative
  • Greatest individual contribution
  • Greatest contribution to society
  • Best new DevRel program
  • Best DevRel initiative.

Jono Bacon’s keynote

Community and DevRel consultant Jono Bacon opened the event with a keynote in which he reminded us of the skills that set developer relations and community professionals apart.

Most welcoming developer community

Taking the first steps into a new community can be intimidating even for experienced people. And in a time where some developer communities have become known for their prickliness, it’s essential for the health of our industry that we create welcoming communities that enable people to find what they need.

Rebecca Marshburn of Common Room joined to present the award for Most welcoming developer to Virtual Coffee, who won from a shortlist including Community Classroom and previous winners

Best developer onboarding

Developer relations is only useful if the technologies we represent are useful to developers. One key area where many products fall down is in onboarding, specifically getting a developer from zero to first value with a product.

To recognise the creativity and innovation in this area, AhoyConnect’s Luiza Draghicean joined to present the award to Edge Impulse, from a shortlist including platformOS and Snyk.

Best ongoing developer experience

Serving developers in their ongoing usage of technologies is just as important as building communities and great content. Common Room’s Rebecca Marshburn returned to present the award to platformOS, from a shortlist including Netlify and Stripe.

Best developer marketing campaign

Using more traditional marketing techniques as part of DevRel is a useful way to build awareness, drive adoption, and change opinions.

Rob O’Beirne of AhoyConnect joined to present the Best developer marketing campaign award to GitHub Skyline, from a shortlist including Ably’s Periodic Table of Realtime and Salesforce for their paid YouTube campaigns.

Best developer education initiative

Developer education is an increasingly important part of DevRel, with many organizations spinning out dedicated DevEd teams.

Rebecca Marshburn joined for a third time to present Major League Hacking with the Best developer education initiative award for their MLH Fellowship program, from a shortlist including Learn with Jason and Community Classroom.

Greatest individual contribution

DevRel is a team effort but there are some individuals who have the opportunity to do something particularly impactful.

Josh Dzielak, co-founder and CTO of Orbit, joined to present the award to Kunal Kushwaha for his Community Classroom developer education community, from a shortlist including Bekah Hawrot Weigel and Wesley Faulkner.

Greatest contribution to society

Developer relations treads a line between benefiting the companies investing in DevRel programs and also benefiting the developers they engage with. But DevRel also has an opportunity to have a wider impact on society as a whole.

Ivan Burazin, Chief Developer Experience Officer at Infobip, joined to present the award for Greatest contribution to society to Digital Ocean for their Hollie’s Hub for Good program.

Best new DevRel program

Starting something new takes tremendous effort and courage. While there are some great established DevRel programs, we wanted to recognise those that are just starting out.

For the Best new DevRel program category, Robin Purohit CEO of, joined to present the award to Marqeta, from a shortlist including Deepgram and New Relic’s The Relicans.

Best DevRel initiative

The final award of the ceremony was to recognise the program or initiative that had stood out from its peers. With a very tough set of competition, this was perhaps the hardest category for the jury to choose.

Mouschola Kramvousanou of DevRelX joined to present the award to Digital Ocean for Hollie’s Hub for Good, from a shortlist including GitHub Stars and the Elastic Contributor Program.

The jury

This year the DevRel Awards jury was made up of eight judges from around the DevRel world:

  • Adam DuVander of Everydeveloper
  • April Speight of Microsoft
  • Anthony Kiplimo of Africa’s Talking
  • Arkodyuti Saha of GitHub
  • Jen Sable Lopez of OutSystems
  • Mary Thengvall of Camunda
  • Matthew Revell of Hoopy
  • Pachi Parra of New Relic.

They voted to create a long list from the nominations, using an alternative vote method, and then voted in a second round to create the shortlist.

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