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Joe Nash speaking at DevRelCon London 2015Back in 2015, around a hundred DevRel professionals gathered in London for the first DevRelCon. The plan was pretty simple: help DevRel people, such as myself, learn from one another.

Nineteen editions later, DevRelCon has grown into a global community and is almost certainly the world’s largest library of DevRel learning material.

In those eight years, DevRel has gone mainstream. Building awareness, adoption, and community amongst developer audiences has become a core part of how many companies do business. Each month, new people join the developer relations profession and others level-up in their careers.

This growth in the scale and impact of DevRel means that we need learning materials and opportunities to share our experiences now more than ever. That’s why I’m overjoyed to announce that Common Room is partnering with Hoopy to invest in new developer relations content that will help DevRel professionals to learn from each other’s experiences and to be more successful in their roles.

New DevRel content supported by Common Room

DevRel Origin Stories, sponsored by Common RoomOur aim for is to dive deeper into what makes DevRel tick. What are the measurements that work for your particular strategy? How can you learn how to be effective in your role? What even are the different roles in DevRel?

With Common Room’s support, we’re launching three new content series to analyse developer relations:

  • DevRel Origin Stories: available today and focusing on advice for people hoping to start or grow their DevRel careers; we’ll soon have a special DevRel Roundtable looking at this topic, too.
  • DevRel Case Studies: launching soon, these case studies will focus on inflection points in the lives of DevRel programs—such as proving the impact of your programs on the business—with takeaways you can apply to your DevRel work.
  • DevRel Resources and Templates: in-depth guides to tackling key DevRel topics, launching at the end of February with a resource designed to help DevRel leaders structure their teams and to help developer relations professionals think about the way different roles can best work together.

As part of our partnership with Common Room, we’re also continuing to publish the ongoing DevRel Book Club and DevRel Roundtable series of podcasts.

Over the coming months we’ll publish a growing library of new research backed materials designed to bring more structure, analysis, and insight to the developer relations profession.

Why Common Room?

Common Room working with HoopySince launching its intelligent community growth platform, Common Room has helped DevRel teams at dbt Labs, HubSpot, Temporal, and more deliver great experiences for their communities and better connect their work to business outcomes.

Common Room has also sought out opportunities to help level up the developer relations profession. Last year, Common Room invested in the Devocate community to provide an ongoing space for DevRel professionals to share and learn. They also produced the DevRel Compensation Report, shedding light not only on developer relations salaries but also the make-up of the DevRel demographic and whether developer relations people feel their work is valued. Closer to home for, Common Room also sponsored last year’s DevRel Awards and DevRelCon Prague.

What’s coming next?

The first stories in DevRel Origin Stories are just the start. We already have more ready to publish and we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to share your story of getting your first DevRel job or your advice as a DevRel hiring manager.

And we’re super keen to share case studies based on things you’ve learned in your DevRel programs. Get in touch to share your story.

You’ll also find members of the Hoopy team hanging out in the #devrel-deep-dives channel in Common Room’s Uncommon Community Slack.

Outside this partnership with Common Room, Hoopy’s events, consultancy, and other work continue as before. And we’ll be announcing details of this June’s DevRelCon London soon.

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