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Making high quality content for developers is hard. You need an in-depth knowledge of at least one technology as well as talents in writing, screencast production, Twitch streaming, or whatever it might be.

For DevRel and marketing teams, it can be even harder. Even the very largest teams struggle to have enough skilled people in house. And finding reliable freelancers who know their stuff is often down to luck.

As long term DevRel professionals, we’ve faced that problem many times. That’s why we’re building a new marketplace for developer content. It’s called X with Y and it connects vetted content creators with both DevRel and marketing teams who want to pay for content.

Today we’re opening X with Y for creators. If you’re a skilled content creator with a public portfolio of work, you can apply to join our pool of creators ready for when we launch the marketplace.

How it works for creators

Once you apply to become an X with Y creator, the X with Y team will verify your expertise in those technologies and check that your previous work meets our quality standards.

If you pass the vetting process, once we launch we’ll connect you with teams who need content that matches your skills. Whether you’re looking to make a little extra in the evenings or you’re already a full time freelancer, you can apply for the work that fits with your availability.

What if you need content today

If you need content today, that’s no problem. Even though X with Y hasn’t yet launched fully, tell us what you need and we’ll connect you with the creators who can help.

Why X with Y?

A lot of developer targeted content seems to take a shape of, “Here’s how to do thing X with technology Y”.

You know the sort of thing. “Send an SMS with Twilio”, “Build a web app with Lamba and API Gateway”, “Use NextJS with MongoDB”.

While not everything looks like that, we liked that the name spoke of the practical applicability that marks out great developer targeted content.

Who is behind X with Y?

The team behind X with Y is Matthew Revell, Phil Leggetter, and Joe Nash. After having worked in developer relations leadership and consulting roles for many years, each of us has faced the problem of finding high quality content creators who have deep technical expertise.

We’re looking forward to solving that problem for DevRel and marketing teams everywhere.

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